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DS60 Roofing & Siding Inc.

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Founded in 2012

The company was founded in 2012 by Bonnie Bigras to help her son Garry find employment. While most people are thinking of retirement, Bonnie was off on another exciting adventure as a first time roofing contractor! The company struggled for the first couple of years and as it became apparent that her son’s health would never allow him to be involved – she had a big decision to make; retire for good or regroup. Being of a determined nature and with a chance meeting of an old friend, Dennis Jee, the decision was made to re-group and re-brand the company as DS60 Roofing & Siding.

What followed was incredible – a doubling of sales for three straight years and what B.D.C. called “unequalled in a traditionally male trade!” Bonnie credits the company’s growth with the good people she has attracted to her management, sales and installation teams. Many of which she has known from her 30 years in the building products business. She also knew many of the issues in the residential roofing and siding business, so she decided to head them off at the pass by paying livable wages, benefits and providing a safe and orderly work environment.

Clean up in the trades is a notorious sore spot for clients so “Bonnie Clean” was born. As Bonnie is fond of saying, “People may not realize that on a roof there is 7000 lbs. or more of debris that needs to be hauled away, but it’s the last handful that will really irritate a good customer. Our Bonnie Clean staff provides that finishing touch that a woman appreciates.”

What’s next for this Mother of two, Grandmother of three and Great Grandmother of one? Who knows Bonnie says with a wink and her ever present smile, “There are new markets for us to explore and lots of families that need a good place to work. Besides everyone will need a new roof over their head at some point.” With that she is off and running with more projects than daylight and a blog to update, inventory to check, and a new shop kitty, named Missy, that needs feeding.

At DS60 Roofing & Siding we have a wide range of services for the home, business or institution


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