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How To Choose The Right Contractor For The Job

By February 12, 2019FAQ

How To Choose The Right Contractor For The Job

When choosing a contractor for any project around your home and office, there are a few things to ask for and to consider. Please don’t be shy if you are inviting a company to work on the largest investment you may have; you need to be firm but bold in your inquiries. If those bells start going off and something doesn’t feel right – run in the other direction!

Here is what you need to ask for:

  1. Proof of insurance for the type of work the contractor will be doing: watch out for exclusions such as working with an open flame.
  1. WSIB coverage for the work performed: ensure the contractor is in good standing and paid up to date.
  1. Licenses and certifications if the work dictates: electricians, plumbers, engineers etc.
  1. References: these should be reasonably current; no older than a year of two at most. They should be for work similar to what you want done.
  1. HST Number: if you are claiming the tax for any sort of government rebate program you will definitely require the contractors HST number.
  1. How are payments to be handled? Deposits? Draws?

Things To Consider:

Ask if the contractor has had any problem jobs and how they resolved them. A company that has been around for a while will have had problems and an honest answer will center around their customer and service departments.

  1. Ask who would be the likely Foreman in charge and what is their experience.
  1. Do they have a service department as well as after hours service; if this is an appropriate question.
  1. How do they set up their jobs? e.g. Tarps to protect plantings, space for trailers, storage for materials etc.
  1. The biggie; what about clean-up and disposal?
  1. What kind of “feeling” did you get when you called the office? When you spoke with the sales staff?
  1. What do suppliers say about this company?

While not every one of these points is a deal breaker necessarily, you will need to weigh the answers as a whole. But and this is a big BUT, there are two things that cannot be compromised on; Insurance and WSIB!

God help the home owner where an accident happens on their property where there is no coverage – it could ruin them financially.  Even your own insurance can be void if a licensed contractor is not used.

Choose wisely and you can greatly minimize your exposure to risk, and your risk to high blood pressure caused by a silly contractor.